Travel Tips for the Locums Doc on the Go

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Travel during a pandemic can be challenging. With the holiday’s approaching, it is important that as we travel to the frontlines, we do it safely. Check out these 7 travel tips to make travel a bit easier while staying safe.

  1. Give yourself plenty of extra time. Having time to sanitize is easier when you give yourself plenty of lead time. Leave the house a little earlier than usual so you can take the time necessary to sterilize your surroundings and wash your hands.

  2. Pack light. Get in the habit of using a single carry-on bag. However, don’t forget to bring your own PPE, lysol and cleansing wipes, and a UV wand.

  3. Travel during off-peak hours. Early mornings, late nights, and the middle of the week may be less crowded. Shorter lines are a great way to reduce contact with people.
  1. Start out well rested. You can manage everything better after a full night's rest. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep before your trip. Take an afternoon nap if you've got a late flight ahead.

  2. Bring healthy snacks. Skip the fast food at the airport and decrease the exposures. A protein bar or a bag of homemade trail mix with nuts and dry cereal will give you more nutrition and energy.
  1. Be safe on the plane. Using Lysol wipes, be sure to clean the head-rest, tray, and arm rests, Wear your mask and protective eyewear on plane, and remember to practice good hand hygiene.
  1. Safety at the hotel -Always remember to disinfect the doorknobs, countertops, and linens of your hotel room.

If you follow these tips, you should be well on your way to being safe as you travel to locums assignments.