The Story

COVID cases are at an all time high and the pandemic has disrupted supply chains of personal protective equipment. Many healthcare organizations did not have adequate PPE and as a result, many physicians have gotten sick or even died from COVID. Many hospitals have had to re-use N-95 masks, which are designed for one-time use.

“Without the necessary equipment, your life and the lives of every one you come in contact with are in danger!”!

As a critical care physician who takes care of COVID patients daily, I have experienced first hand the anxiety of not knowing whether the facility will have adequate PPE. I have also had the (dis)pleasure of wearing a re-cycled N95 or having to wear an air purifying respirator (PAPR/CAPR) that had been worn by someone else.

I knew that locums physicians needed a way to ensure their own personal safety. The Locums Doc PPE Kit is the solution for every traveling doctor or any frontline doctor that wants to be safe while caring for the most vulnerable patients.

My hope is that this kit will make the incredible work a little easier.